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Pete Gamble is the most honest person you can find. His trade is his art, and he is much more concerned with quality than with making a quick buck!

Kate Morrison

Will take extra steps to provide customers with exceptional service. The ONLY locksmith in this area to consider. Second best is far down the ladder in skill and professional. A kind man using high quality products.

Buffie Webber

Five star service, and a great guy. I highly recommend Pete, for all your locksmithing needs!

Lawrence Winn

Honest, hard working, experienced, and will go the extra mile — that’s Pete. I’d never go anywhere else.

Steve Dear

Pete knows his stuff, he can talk about locks all day! He is always focused on high quality materials that will outlast and out perform.

Renee Gamble Shulman

And hundreds more! I have references for Chapel Hill Police, Cat’s Cradle and many more businesses in and around the area!

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